Mark Shuttle does outstanding work and is a consummate professional.  We have worked together on a variety of projects, and he always delivers top notch work with full attention to detail and the ability to follow through.  We highly recommend his work to anyone looking for professional voice talent.

Allen Presher
Stratejus Marketing

Mark is my first choice when it comes to voicing. As a production manager and writer/producer, I’ve got a dozen projects going at once. Whether I ask him to tackle bland station imaging or a zany promo, he always delivers exactly what I’m looking for. Not only that–he’s dependable to the nth degree. I can count on him for a super-quick turn-around always accompanied by an upbeat, chipper demeanor. Mark is my go-to guy!

Faith Winne, Production Manager
Pulse 96.7

Not only does Mark’s voice have a phenomenal sound, but he is diligent in making sure his VOs are clear, crisp and full of life.  He is a down-to-earth talent who is easy to work with and provides the highest quality every time.

Diane Braselton, Writer/Producer

KLZ has been using Mark Shuttle for the past 5 years (at least!).  Up until a year ago, we were an ESPN Radio affiliate and Mark’s voice and delivery was exactly the sound we were looking for to set us apart from the other sports stations in town.  During that time, he has been our go-to guy for station liners, promos and IDs.  His turnaround time is as prompt as I’ve ever seen and he takes direction like a champ!

After we flipped formats to Christian Music (talk about going from one extreme to another!), we considered Mark’s versatility and there was no question that he would remain.

I’d be happy to talk to anyone who might be considering Mark Shuttle’s talent.

Randy Frongillo, Operations Manager
KLZ 560

The phrase “one of a kind” is often over-used, or misused. But when I think of Mark Shuttle, that’s immediately what comes to mind. Mark truly is a “one-of-a-kind” radio personality and voice talent. Few are on his level, which is why when I needed an open/close, stingers, and bumpers voiced for my weekly Broadway program, there was no choice in my mind. I had to have Mark. His gentle, smooth, deep, warm, and flowing voice is absolutely professional – and completely intoxicating. Regularly, I am asked by Broadway professionals appearing on my show who that announcer is. They hear Mark’s voice and immediately comment on how terrific he is.

As a radio host, Mark has the rare gift of quick wit and natural flow. When he’s in the recording studio, one thing is obvious: Mark Shuttle was born to be behind a mic.

Robert Hammond
Broadway on Legends

If I had pipes like his, I’d never stop talking!  I would read everything from newspapers to street signs out loud and drive everyone around me crazy!

Mark Harvard, Production Director